Fishing Information

Coarse Lake

The Coarse lake is roughly 2 acres, situated adjacent to the Fishing Lodge. The lake has a wide selection of features to fish to, including bays, lily pads, marginal reeds, over hanging trees, gravel bars and an island. It is a well stocked lake with carp, averaging 5 lbs, but with several larger fish such as one weighing 18lbs 6oz caught in 2013. There are Roach to over 1lb and Perch with recent specimens been caught at just over 3lbs. Bream and some beautifully coloured Crucian Carp  can also be found within this lake.

Trout Lake

The Trout Lake is 7.5 acres set amongst beautiful clumps of woodland, where you can come and have the choice of either fishing from the bank or a boat. Bank fishing includes wooden platforms, hard standings and wadeable gravel bars. The lake is well stocked, which includes Brown, Rainbow and Blue trout. The lake has a minimum stocking of 2lbs with specimens regularly being banked over 5lbs, with the occasional double figure fish are being caught. The lake record stands at just over 18lbs. The lake also holds other species such as chub, roach, rudd, perch and pike that fall to a convention fly. The Trout lake is also the home to the current English record Pike. It’s latest capture in January 2014, weighing in at 46lbs 11oz. Unfortunately Pike fishing on the Trout lake is restricted to syndicate members only.

Predator Lake

The Predator Lake is made up of 9 acres of crystal clear spring fed water, which is naturally stocked with Pike, Perch, Rudd and Roach. The lake is best known for its Pike, falling to a variety of different methods which include dead bait and lure tactics. The lake is also stocked occasionally with trout. The best fish of last season weighed in at 30lbs 5oz, with 4 seperate 20lbs+ fish to target. The lake holds other double figure pike and jacks but there is always the chance of a SURPRISE!

Match Lake

The match lake forms a horse-shoe shape, is perfect for fishing matches having been stocked with a range of course and silver fish. The lake is available on a day ticket providing no matches have already been booked.

Wykeham Lakes Pike Fishing Rules:

  • You must have the correct unhooking equipment – a large landing net (minimum 36” or larger) and a large unhooking mat (bigger the better!) including long forceps. These must be with the angler at all times – we do not allow gags to be used.
  • Braided main lines only of 40lbs+.
  • You must use a recognised wire trace system for both lure and bait fishing using barbless trebles only (barbed are acceptable on lures).
  • No rods are to be left unattended, under any circumstances.
  • Never weigh or lift a fish by the gills, use a net or weigh sling.
  • When moving fish to and from the water always use a landing net or zipped unhooking mat; never carry a fish without either!
  • When photographing fish; support the fish over a large unhooking mat, kneel and never stand up with the fish.
  • When returning fish after capture, please support the fish in the water giving it plenty of time to recover before releasing it.
  • If a fish is deep hooked – hold the fish in the water, in a landing net and seek the help of a Fishery Warden for assistance?